m3 fixture design

Micro Thread
(Triple Thread)

  • - Distribute stress on bone
  • - Stimulate bone evenly
  • - Increase cell response
  • - Reinforce fixture strength

Macro Thread
(Single Thread)

  • - Improved self-tapping function
  • - Enhanced penetration


  • - Submerged type implant with an internal hex 11º taper connection structure
  • - Optimum screw thread design for SLA surface to achieve consistent roughness
  • - Taper body design with superior initial stability
  • - Highest initial stability in soft bone by using upper-section thread and body design
  • - Powerful self-threading effect using cutting edge design
  • - Acquires the initial stability needed in immediate loading even in soft bone

Cutting Edge Design

The cutting edge which applied to fixture designed to have optimum torque at the all the bony tissue condition.
it is applied and divided by length and size,  Added cutting edge to the body thread design could make convenient work for the modification of path and self tapping.

S.L.A Surface

Surface of fixture are excellent in morphology and roughness, increased 50% of the surface area than RBM.  The SLA surface and the entire taper shape of M2, M3 fixture could get enough initial fix.