m6 fixture design



Decrease of fracture due to
increased wall thickness


  • - Threads formed on the underside of the implant and can be inserted by rotational force.
  • - Complementing the method of striking inserting, it is possible to insert exactly where you want it to be.
  • - Take advantage of locking taper / fin type and resolving discomfort during surgery.
  • - Decrease of fracture due to increased wall thickness.

Short Implant

  • - maximization of treatment of oral implants.
  • - minimization of bone graft.

Low Speed drilling

  • - No water injection reduces patient discomfort during surgery.
  • - Reduction of swelling and pain after surgery.

Locking Taper

  • - An integral structure without any gaps to prevent bacterial invasions.
  • - Prevention of gum retraction, odor, and Implants Peripheral inflammation.
  • - No screw loosening make post-management easier.

Sloping shoulder

  • - Rich amount of bone forming due to inclined upper form.
  • - Preventing the absorption of the bone.

Plateau Design

  • - Discus type structure.
  • - Horizontal fins form a double layer.
  • - Formation of a strong cortical bone between fins.
  • - Space between fins is wider than the thread design, so surface area is 30% greater.

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