m5 fixture design

Hybrid surface treatment

    • - The upper 2mm section is blastinged surface
      with HA powder for effective post-management.
    • - The rest section coated by HA which have good
      binding force despite weak bone quality.

Same body design as SA

  • - SLA surface
  • - Macro thread
  • - Cutting edge design

Plan Choice

  • - In the case of reoperation after implant failure or removal
  • - In the case of surgery with bone graft
  • - Elderly patients and women after 50s who are concerned about osteoporosis
  • - In the case the treatment period needs to be shortened

60% increased breaking strength

  • - Use ASTM F136 standard titanium grade 5
  • - Reduced tearing or fracture of fixtures

High quality control

  • - All products are coated by Himed, a HA coating company in the United States, to ensure stable quality.
  • - Total inspection


this is the image of MATRIX HA

After blasting the implant surface with HA powder, surface coating of hydroxyapatite (HA) with high temperature plasma
Highly crystalline HA coating with a thickness of 20-40 micrometers (Ra 4.0 to 4.5 micrometers)